Welcome to the thrill of pickleball with Team HUSTLE NZ! 


HUSTL Pickleball is thrilled to announce our exciting expansion into New Zealand, delivering a premium range of pickleball paddles and gear to the vibrant NZ pickleball community. Join us in elevating your game to new heights as part of Team HUSTLE NZ, proudly wielding the esteemed HUSTL Legend Raw Carbon 16mm paddle that has captured the hearts of players worldwide.


As fervent supporters of the newly formed NZ HUSTLE PRO pickleball team, under the leadership of the exceptional Captain Matt Carter, we eagerly anticipate their triumphs in the upcoming 2024 PPL / MLP Australia  / Asia Pacific season.

As we set foot on Kiwi courts, we invite any pickleball enthusiasts that have tried and LOVE the HUSTL to become HUSTL NZ ambassadors. Enjoy exclusive perks, including discounted HUSTL Pickleball paddles and accessories, enticing HUSTL rewards, and the camaraderie of the growing Team HUSTLE Community.

Ready to make your mark in the world of NZ pickleball? Contact us via our dedicated contact page and embark on an unforgettable journey with Team HUSTLE NZ!


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